December 2020

Pedal with Pros ft. Justin Williams & Rahsaan Bahati

A Ride to Introduce Health Benefits of Cycling to Minority Communities

Turn on a news program and undeniably you will hear a story about mental and physical health challenges afflicting our society, many of which result from reduced in person interactions in our ever-growing social media society, the lack of physical activity and now the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Level Up Cycling Movement, Inc., a non-profit organization, is committed to introducing and cultivating the mental and physical health benefits of cycling to minority communities with our Third Annual Pedal with Pros featuring Justin Williams, U.S. National Champion, Founder of L39ION L.A., & Rahsaan Bahati, 10x U.S. National Champion and Founder of Bahati Foundation.

But we cannot continue doing the great work we committed to, and must, do without help from you, our donors and participants.

Level Up Cycling Movement, Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to introducing the health benefits of cycling to minority communities, promote and fundraise for benevolent causes and create a consistent pathway to the highest levels of professional cycling for young minority cyclists.

Event Sponsorship opportunities available.

*All donations are tax deductible.

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Level Up Cycling Movement

Board Officers:

Erica Gary, UCI Pro Rider Agent - President & Chair

Luis Scott, SVP - Treasurer

Jermaine Lee, Esq. - Secretary

Vere Carr

"Papa Keith" Walcott

Nakia Grimes

Corporate Members:

Hernandez Lee Martinez, LLC - Trial Lawyers

Shine World Sports

Professional Cycling Advocates & Supporters:

Justin Williams

Rahsaan Bahati

Teniel Campbell

Jyme Bridges

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