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New Cyclist Training

At the forefront of Level Up is to create sustainable growth to the sport of cycling within minority and surrounding communities. One of the ways we use donations is to provide education and training on bike safety, road safety, equipment, health benefits, and bike handling skills to brand new cyclists. 

Intermediate Training

Level Up provides nutrition education, bike skills training, and cycling workshops for intermediate level cyclists.  This step provides a community where cyclists can experience growth on and off the bike, fostering a sustainable cycling community.


Organize or support events to fundraise for benevolent causes like Bahamas Relief Ride and Ride for St. Judes Children’s Hospital.

Mentor, educate and provide resources to inner city cycling communities to ensure safe cycling, sustainable growth and community engagement.

Opportunities for Aspiring Professional Athletes

Level Up facilitates unique race and exposure opportunities for young aspiring minority racers from all over the world.